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The product

The range of products offered by the company is suitable for joining carbon and low allied steel and can be used in a broad spectrum of applications such as manufacturing of oil and gas pipes, water pipes, offshore applications, pressure vessels, wind towers, heavy frameworks, etc. Submerged arc welding wires have low impurity and gas contents to obtain joints with excellent mechanical characteristics and strength at low temperatures.

SAW welding wires are manufactured with diameters ranging from 1.2 mm to 5.0 mm and are available in various packaging solutions:

    • 25 kg, 27 kg, 90 and 100 kg spools;
    • 450 to 1200 kg coils;
    • 300 – 400 kg metal spools;
    • 300 kg to 1000 kg drums, coils, stem-frame.

SAW Technical Sheets

Our Products

TypeClassificationsApprovalsData Sheets
S1EN ISO 14171-A S1
AWS A5.17/A5.23 EL12
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S1Cr2Mo1EN ISO 24598-A S CrMo2
AWS A5.23 EB3-R
S2EN ISO 14171-A S2
AWS A5.17/A5.23 EM12K
CE, DB, LRS, TÜVDownload
S3EN ISO 14171-A S3
AWS A5.17/A5.23 EH10K
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S4EN ISO 14171-A S4
AWS A5.17/A5.23 EH14
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S2SiEN ISO 14171-A S2Si
AWS A5.17/A5.23 EM12K
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S2Si2EN ISO 14171-A S2Si2
AWS A5.17/A5.23 EM13K
S3SiEN ISO 14171-A S3Si
AWS A5.17/A5.23 EH12K
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S2MoEN ISO 14171-A S2Mo / 24598-A S Mo
AWS A5.23 EA2
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S3MoEN ISO 14171-A S3Mo
AWS A5.23 EA4
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S4MoEN ISO 14171-A S4Mo
AWS A5.23 EA3
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S4MoSiEN ISO 14171-A SZ
AWS A5.23 EA3K
SH2EN ISO 14171-A S2Ni1Cu
AWS A5.23 EG
CE, DB, TÜVDownload
S2Cr1MoEN ISO 24598-A S CrMo1
AWS A5.23 EB2-R
S2Ni1EN ISO 14171-A S2Ni1
AWS A5.23 ENi1
S2Ni2EN ISO 14171-A S2Ni2
AWS A5.23 ENi2
S2Ni3EN ISO 14171-A S2Ni3
AWS A5.23 ENi3
S3Ni1Mo0,2EN ISO 14171-A S3Ni1Mo0,2
EN ISO 26304-A S3Ni1Mo0,2
AWS A5.23 ENi5
CE, TÜVDownload
S3Ni1MoEN ISO 14171-A S3Ni1Mo
EN ISO 26304-A S3Ni1Mo
AWS A5.23 EF3
CE, TÜVDownload
S3Ni2,5CrMoN ISO 26304-A S3Ni2,5CrMo
AWS A5.23 EG (EM4 mod.)
S3TiBEN ISO 14171-A SZ
AWS A5.23 EG
S3MoTiBEN ISO 14171-A S2MoTiB
AWS A5.23 EA2TiB
CE, DB, TÜVDownload

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