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Many types of welding wire

PITTARC is an integrated welding wire manufacturer, with monitored and controlled production throughout the entire manufacturing cycle, starting from the steel mill up to the finished product. PITTARC is in fact a Pittini Group brand, which has the advantage of using wire rods produced in the rolling mills of Osoppo and Verona. In this way, the quality of the raw material employed is consistent over time. Furthermore, being part of a major steel group allows Pittarc to benefit from the expertise and synergies created with the other group companies. It has also resulted in the constant development of technologies and production facilities, achieving high-quality standards for the Group’s products.

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Solutions for many applications

Specialisation and experience in the production of welding wire ensure that we can offer a wide range of solutions for multiple and diverse applications.
The different types of Pittarc welding wire are suitable for bonding carbon and low-alloy steels for a variety of uses ranging from mechanical engineering to the automotive industry, from heavy structural work to the construction of oil and gas pipelines, and from construction to the production of cylinders and pressure vessels. Just to name a few of the many applications where Pittarc welding wires are being employed.

Pittarc’s range of welding wires is divided into gas-shielded (GMAW) and submerged-arc (SAW) welding wires. From these two main categories, customers can request the GREEN-ARC uncoated surface wires, a more sustainable choice, and the high-performance surface coating known as INNOV-ARC, which allows for optimum sheathing sliding and high-level performance.