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Fluxes for submerged arc welding

The various types of saw welding fluxes bearing the PITTARC trademark cover a wide range of applications to join carbon and low allied steel.

Thanks to the various wire/flux combinations made available by PITTARC, joints with excellent mechanical characteristics can be obtained, also in the most critical applications. Basic and semi-basic fluxes have low hydrogen contents to obtain joints with high strength and can be used for the various SAW welding techniques: single pass, multi-pass, single wire, multi-wire, twin-arc or tandem.

These products can be used in various industrial fields such as manufacturing of oil and gas pipes, water pipes, offshore applications, pressure vessels, wind towers, heavy frames, etc.

All fluxes are available in standard 25 kg bags or 600÷1200 kg big bags.

Fluxes Technical Sheet

SAW Fluxes applications

  • piping

    Oil&gas pipes

  • wind towers

    Wind towers

  • pressure vessels

    Pressure vessels

Subarc Fluxes

Type Classification Application Technical data sheet
FL164B ISO 14174 S A FB 1 55 AC H5
AWS A5.17/A5.23:
F7A8/P8-EM12K (S2)
F8A8/F7P8-EH12K (S3Si)
F8A4/F7P4-EA2-A2 (S2Mo)
F9A8/P8-EF3-F3 (S3Ni1Mo)
F11A8/P8~EM4-M4 (S3Ni2,5CrMo)
Suitable welding of thick-walled construction steels with yield strength up to 420 MPa, off-shore application with YS up to 460 MPa, fine grain structural steel for low temperature requirements with impact toughness at -60 °C or bellow, high tensile fine grain steel such as S690QL1 and N-A-XTRA 70 and boiler and pressure vessels steels. Download the data sheet
FL188F ISO 14174: S A AB 1 67 AC H5
AWS A5.17/A5.23:
F7A0-EL12 (S1)
F7A4/P4-EM12K (S2)
F8A5/F7P4-EH12K (S3Si)
F8A2/P2-EA2-A2 (S2Mo)
F8A2/F7P2-EG-G (SH2)
F8A5-ENi5-Ni5 (S3Ni1Mo0,2)
F9A4-EF3-F3 (S3Ni1Mo)
Suitable for joint welding of low alloy structural steels, boiler steels, pipe steels and fine grain steels. The flux is suitable for single and multilayer welding of longitudinal, circumferential and fillet welds. It can be used for single, tandem, twin and multi-wire welding system. Excellent slag removal in narrow grove welds of thick wall sections. Typical characteristics of this flux is a medium Manganese and Silicon pick up as well as a very low diffusible hydrogen level. Download the data sheet
FL190B ISO 14174: S A AB 1 67 AC H5
AWS A5.17/A5.23:
F7A4/F6P4-EM12 (S2)
F8A4/P4-EA2-A2 (S2Mo)
F8A4-EG-G (SH2)
F7A10/P10-ENi1-Ni1 (S2Ni1)
F8A10/F7P10-ENi2-Ni2 (S2Ni2)
F8P4-EB2-B2 (S2Cr1Mo)
Aluminate-basic flux suitable for joint welding of low-alloy structural steels, fine-grained steels and pipe steel qualities. Designed for DC and AC welding is suitable for two-run or multi-pass technique using single or multi wire process. In combination with appropriate wires, such as Mo, Ni or Ni-Mo alloyed types, uniform mechanical properties with low temperature toughness are achieved. FL190B is formulated to achieve very low diffusible hydrogen levels (<4 ml/100 g weld metal). Download the data sheet
FL193B ISO 14174: S A AB 1 66 AC H5
AWS A5.17/A5.23:
F7A2-EM12K (S2)
F8A4/F7P4-EH12K (S3Si)
F8A2/P2-EA2-A2 (S2Mo)
F8A2/P2-EA4-A4 (S3Mo)
F9A2-EF3-F3 (S3Ni1Mo)
F9TA6-EA2TiB (S3MoTiB)
For joint welding of high quality steel pipes for oil and gas. Especially recommended for single and multi-wire (up to 5 wires) in two-run technique. Especially recommended for longitudinal and spiral welded pipes production with base material up to API 5L X80. This flux is suitable to be used in combination with Ti and B micro-alloyed wire like S3TiB and S3MoTiB to achieve high toughness at low temperature. Download the data sheet


FL196B ISO 14174: S A AB 1 67 AC H5
AWS A5.17/A5.23: F7A0-EL12 (S1)
F7A4/P4-EM12K (S2)
F8A5/F7P4-EH12K (S3Si)
F8A4/P4-EA2-A2 (S2Mo)
F9A6/F8P6-ENi2-Ni2 (S2Ni2)
Especially designed for windmill towers manufacturing in tandem-arc and to be used with high current-carrying capacity for single and multilayer welding of longitudinal, circumferential and fillet welds for both AC and DC welding with current-carrying capacity up to 1,500 Amp. This flux has an excellent slag removal in narrow groove welds of thick wall sections. Download the data sheet
FL182B ISO 14174: S A AR 1 76 AC
AWS A5.17/A5.23:
F7AZ-EM12K (S2)
F7A0-EM12K (S2Si)
F8A0-EA2-A2 (S2Mo)
FF8PZ-EB2-B2 (S2Cr1Mo)
Designed for welding of ordinary carbon-manganese, low alloy structural and boiler quality steel with yield strength up to 355 N/mm² (thickness<25 mm) for high speed up to 2 meters/minute. Preferably used for single-run, two run and fillet SA-welding. Main field of applications are LP-gas cylinders, structural steel works, thin-walled containers and fin-tube walls. Download the data sheet

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